Allergy Shot Reaction

Patient: Hi there, I’m about 9 months into getting allergy shots. I sometimes get a welt that’s fairly large, but this one is way bigger and seems to be spreading down my arm. It’s been 2 days and I’ve been putting cortisone cream on it. I switched doctors due to a temporary location change, and he did 4 shots, one for each vial, which I thought would make me have less of a reaction–my usual doctor combines 2 vials into one so I only get two shots. Should I go to the ER or do you think I’m ok?

Symptoms: Rash

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the query.Please mention the drug content of the shots you received, associa ted symptoms and a photograph of the welt and revert back to me for further assistance.We are here to help you.

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Patient: I don’t know what’s in them, they’re allergy shots–I know there’s cat, dog, and cockroach and probably some trees. It’s itchy and there’s a welt. Pics attached. the big welt is only on one side–the other side just has a smaller rash, so I’m not concerned with it. PS I don’t intend to be strung along so I will pay more for this, so please answer my question I paid thirty whatever dollars for. Thanks!

Doctor: Although there are so many types of rashes, I guess you may be having chronic urticaria.
Chronic urticaria have so many causes. Common ones are physical ones – excessive sweating, exposure to warmth/cold, physical activity, sun exposure, pressure over some part of body, etc.
If these are not the causes, I would suggest you to consult an Allergist who may advice you some investigations like CBC, ESR, CRP, thyroid function, thyroid antibodies, urine & stool examination, allergy testing, etc. This will help him to reach at some diagnosis and suggest treatment accordingly.
Till then I would suggest you to take a drug like combination of cetrizine and serratiopeptidase.

Patient: this is the worst website ever. i told you the cause is allergy shots.

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Doctor: I do not think allergy shots can give such a reaction, lets suppose the shots are the reason, the prescribed drugs will help you relieve the rash and swelling .
If you are experiencing some more symptoms along with rash like difficult breathing, you need to go to the ER and take injectable steroids and if required adrenaline.