Allergy to bread and cows milk

Patient: I had a really bad allergy to the bread i ate.. i think it was the milk in it because i am lactose intolerant and i have done some blood work to find out my food allergies. i am a class II with cows milk. So after eating the bread my tongue started to burn and my mouth as well went to bed thinking nothing of it and woke up with a severe throat inflammation. Went to the ER and they gave me some saline and two shots which i think was a steroid for anti inflammatory and antihistamine. The ER doctor prescribed me to take solondo 5mg (prednisone) and Ucerax tab 10mg and curan tab 150mg. I am a bit worried abut taking the corticosteriod but considering it is a low dose do you think its okay?

Doctor: Glad to know that you are so aware about your condition and are concerned about the health effects of various medication . Prednisolone 5mg along with other anti-histaminic medication can be taken safely in the maintenance period, to control an allergic reaction effectively. But, it should always be taken under medical supervision and for a short period of time.