Allergy, tonsils swollen lymph nodes – what is it ?

Patient: I had allergic rhinitis, post natal drip, swollen tonsils and ear infection for sometime now. I have postnatal drip with excessive mucus in the throat. In that course i took cipro and had some side effects like muscle/joint aches which went away. Now though the mucus production has reduced, I recently got swollen lymph nodes in my neck (lateral , slightly behind) with some pain and stiffness. I haven’t engaged in any high risk sexual behavior , only low risk behavior(skin touch/ with strippers and just touching the vagina of a stripper with my finger once 2 yrs ago) in the past. Otherwise i have protected sex with my monogamous gf/fiancee. I do not have fever etc and have being doing my work n routine stuff since this allergies started. Allergy syptoms have reduced. My CMV/Mono test were negative. so if its not cancer in biopsy (to be done) does it imply another serious infection like TB or HIV (I am not really having any classic symptoms of those) . or there could be other causes of swollen lymph nodes ? I still have some mucus and irritated nasal passages …

Symptoms: Allergic rhinitis, red eyes during the day (resolve with histamine drops) , swollen tonsils, lymph nodes in neck