Alleviation of Back Pain

Patient: What can be prescribed along with hydrocodone for severe back pain?

Doctor: You have chronic pain from a chronic medical disease and it would be unreasonable for you to hope for a prolonged period of no pain.If it hasn’t been done already, you should be reffered to a chronic pain clinic.The first preference is to minimize the use of pain medications by doing adjunctive Therapy such as physiotherapy or acupuncture. While it may not be enough, it should reduce the dosage of medications required.Since you are already on a narcotic medication, the doctor will aim to put you on a dose and frequency of medication to keep you in a pain free state.Occasionally, there will be breakthrough periods of pain and the doctor will prescribe you a medication to use as needed.If you or your doctor find that you are using the as needed medication too frequently, your regular medication will be adjusted in dose and frequency to reduce your need for a breakthrough medication.