Almost Constant Congestion,Pressure Pounding in Head

Patient: I am a 23 year old female who just had a baby 6 weeks ago,I have a history of obesity and Anxiety.About 3 weeks ago I started getting a pounding pressure feeling in my head which feels like the blood is rushing to my head.This occurs randomly throughout the day and can occur regardless of activity.Sometimes it occurs when I am sitting down watching TV, walking around,sitting in the car etc.It is not a painful sensation but can make me feel as if I am going to faint sometimes, Mostly though it just makes me feel “foggy”.Along with the Pounding I notice I have what feels like nasal congestion constantly.Sometimes It feel like my nose is stuffed but then a position change or standing make me feel like I can breath again.After having my baby, My resting Pulse is around 58-64 and BP is 90 over 55..I was told this was normal and “healthy” but for precaution I was sent to a Cardiologist who preformed bloodwork,an EKG,Echocardiogram, 12 Hour Holter and a Chest Xray which all came back completely Normal.I have also been experiencing heart palpitations but was told they were harmless and probably caused from hormones since I just had a baby.I am becoming depressed and very sad becasue noone can tell me what is going on, I feel like my BP and Pulse are too low but Dr said It was healthy and that I am young and should think of it as great health.I am worried that I may have a heart problem that was not detected or possibly a brain tumor that is causing the head pressure.I also notice that I have a very tight jaw(where my ears are) and Dont know if its related, I believe its TMJ but I have not been formally Diagnosed.I am hoping someone can maybe point me into the next direction of who could help me, I am not being taken seriously and this is affecting my sanity.Dr thinks it will just go away when my hormones are “leveled”.I should also add 2.5 years ago I had an MRI for unrelated issues which came back Normal.I am on no medications presently and have no real medical problems that i am aware of.