Alright guys, so I’ve been experiencing random tachycardia e

Patient: Alright guys, so I’ve been experiencing random tachycardia episodes over the past few years, rarely. It only usually happens after a sudden jerking motion. Many times when I’m playing soccer or volleyball where I’m standing there and out of nowhere the ball comes in my direction so I jerk for it and bam, racing heart. Usually I just fall on my back and my rhythm returns to normal but sometimes it persists for a few minutes then returns to normal. This doesn’t happen whenever I’m exercising. I’m in very good shape, I run, swim, and lift daily. Does anybody have a clue on what this is?

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.These symptoms of heart fluttering or tachycardia are known as “P alpitations”. There are a lot many causes of palpitations and most common being Cardiac issues, anxiety, thyroid issues, drugs.You should check if you are taking any drugs like Salbutamol for Asthma, or any other drug that can cause palpitations.In case you consume alcohol and smoking then that can also be the cause behind the palpitations you are feeling. I would advice you to get a thyroid Profile, ECG and Echo If they are normal, you should start practicing yoga and meditation as your palpitations are most likely to be due to anxiety. Avoid excess of caffeine.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy