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Alternatives to carpet removal for allergy

Patient: My friend’s 9 year old son has a severe allergy to dust mites in carpets. Her whole home is carpeted and the doctor says to get the carpet removed. However, replacing the flooring of her home is expensive for my friend. For her allergic son to improve, do we really need to remove the carpet or can something else be done that costs less?



Symptoms: Stuffed up nose, breathing difficult at times, watery eyes, typical allergy symptoms.



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query about your friend’s son who has severe allergy for dust mites.many times it is the dead mites that may cause severe problems.The carpet can be treated for mites, vaccunrd and see whether this helps.I hope this answer helps.Feel free to discuss further,Regards,

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Patient: I understand that the carpet can be treated and vacuumed (with a HEPA vacuum, a regular vacuum will not be very effective), but in your medical opinion is the best course of action to remove the carpet?

Doctor: Great question. The basics of treatment of any allergy is ” remove/avoid the cause”.
This principle along with the cost-effectiveness have to be considered. The top of the priority list is the patient and everything must be done related to the betterment of the patient.
I think it is worth try treating and vaccuming the carpet first, and if this is effective well and good.
If not, the best is to remove the carpet.


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