Am getting unexplained brusing on my left knee Then my

Patient: Am getting unexplained brusing on my left knee.Then my left foot yesterday at my horse lesson, my horse stood on my lower foot I got her off my foot. There is little brusing from that, my left knee doesn’t hurt but my lest foot hurts a little. Should I be worried about any of this?Also my right knee I have patellafemoral pain syndrome and patella tendonitis. I got denosed with those in February and been doing phyical therpy since then. It started hurting again after starting inserts. It snapped the other day when my knee was bent and I was straighting in it then it snapped. It also popes when i get up from the floor.My right foot also started hurting as well I have flat feet on that foot and I haven’t got surgery for that one yet but my left foot I got flat foot surgery on that foot in November.I just need to know if u have any idea why my knee and feet started hurting and if I should be worried about anything?

Symptoms: Right knee pain around kneecap. Left foot pain and right foot pain by arch , unexpired brusing on left knee