Am I 29 weeks pregnant or paranoid

Patient: Okay well I am 17 this Friday and last August (29 weeks ago) I was fingered by my boyfriend an I tossed him off. We broke up and that’s all we did. After I was paranoid about sperm on his fingers and missed a month out of my period. I took a test then an it came negative. Early January of this year I started feeling bloated and I think this could be something to do with school since at half term the bloating seemed to stop. but I’m paranoid that I am actually pregnant. I have been looking at photos of people at my stage and I don’t have a bump and it is also not solid, I can breath it in and squeeze it in also. I have had NO symptoms related to pregnancy and not only have I had normal periods they have regulated out in the past 2 months, (happy about that). In the past few weeks I have taken a further 2 home tests and both have come back negative, but I have read about some people who don’t show up on the tests. I really don’t want to go to the doctors since I wouldent know how or what to do when I got there or who to talk to and was wondering if you could help me. I am still currently a virgin and have only been fingered once, but again im not sure if he had any pre cum.I am 13st 4 ish I know I’m fat but I was 13st 10.5 when it happened so I am actually losing weight gradually. I haven’t been doing any real dieting or exercise since before Xmas tho and that’s when I got to about 13.5 stone so I’m not currently losing any. My period is due in a few days ish and my stomach is feeling weird and my boobs hurt a few days ago but that’s it.Thank you so much please get back soon

Symptoms: Bloating

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