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Am I allergic to Latex?

Patient: Am I allergic to Latex? If I eat bananas, avocados, or kiwis, I get painful stomach cramps. Like an internal biting level of pain. However, I can rub a latex glove all over me and not have any problems. I’m pretty sure I’ve always had doctors and dentists use Latex gloves too, with never any issue. Should I be concerned about this in the future?


Symptoms: Stomach pains

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Seems like you have an allergy to certain items only, that you have listed above like bananas, avocado, etc. It does not mean that you could be allergic to latex. A latex allergy is more of a contact dermatitis, whereas the ones your allergic to are food items, which cause a reaction on consuming them. Since the past exposures with latex have not triggered any allergic reactions, it can be concluded that you do not have an allergy to latex.Hope this helped.Regards


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