Am I at risk for pregnancy by starting new

Patient: I am on the birth control Cryselle. I am very good about taking it but there was a delay this time around and I started my new pack 29 hours later than normal. (should have started Fri at 2 PM instead on Sat at 7 PM). I had unprotected sex Saturday night. Ever since Tuesday I have been very dizzy, nauseous, not hungry. and had cramps in lower abdomen. I also hate my normal foods and instead can only bring myself to eat simple carbs like cereal and saltines. I know it is uncommon to feel signs of pregnancy this early, however my mom claimed she knew she was pregnant three days after I was conceived. What are the chances I could be pregnant?? And how soon can I find out? Thank you for your help!!

Symptoms: Nausea, cramping in abdomen, dizziness, loss of appetite