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Am i developing diabetes/any other disorder?

Patient: I’m worried that i may be developing diabetes or some other kind of blood disorder…over the past day or so i feel like i can feel my blood moving around my body, almost like a slight tingliness…i’m a 25 year old male who is 5’9 and 210 lbs, but most of that is lean mass…ill admit i’m not the healthiest eater though i do have a physically demanding job and work out at the gym at least once or twice a week….i don’t feel nausea or lightheadedness or anything like that…i get tension headaches from time to time…i had one yesterday which got kind of bad but it went away and havent had one today…i take magnesium (800mg) and B2 (400 mg) daily as requested by my neurologist and one dose a night of 25mg of amitriptlyne to help prevent migraines….the tension headache yesterday got its worst as i went to bed last night and it got me worried, but i’ve been fine today and its been gone…but sometimes my arms or legs will feel kinda of heavy too whether i’m laying down or standing up….i should also had that i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about 2 years ago, but when i had my last check up last year it was shown that it had improved alot and it went down, had another blood test in march showing that it was still improved…perhaps it went back up?



Symptoms: Some tingliness in arms/legs, bad tension headache the night before but went away



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. I have read your query in detail and I understand your concern.Your symptoms are n ot at all suggestive of Diabetes. However, there is no harm in getting your blood sugar tested.You seem to be suffering from Anxiety. You should see to a doctor, who would evaluate you for the causes like Heart issues, thyroid disorders, anemia that can also cause this kind of tingling over the hands and the body.The Tension Headaches usually present with heaviness in head, band-like sensation over the head and disturbed sleep.You should however, see your doctor who will evaluate you for other organic causes of headache and if he feels he will get your MRI Brain done.Also, you should get your eyesight tested. Tension Headaches are treated with anti-depressants like Tricyclic antidepressant Amitryptiline, Or SSRI like Escitalopram.You should try to keep your stress levels low and try to be happy. You should also start meditation that will help you in getting rid off from these headaches.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.

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Patient: thanks…i already do take amitryptiline for the headaches/migraines and i had an MRI done last summer and it came back normal and a CAT scan in March that also came back normal…i do have a prescription of elprazolam that i only really take when i have a sudden anxiety/panic attack (i’ve only really had a few brief ones, all in the middle of the night), so i guess perhaps it’s just anxiety

Doctor: Hi, Yes, this is all anxiety. Just go for routine tests including blood sugar, Thyroid profile, if not done in last one year.


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