Am i expeirincing a ruptured cyst or ectopic pregnancy.

Patient: Lately I have been experiencing pain in my ovaries where sometimes it tend to hurt on my lower back but I’ve had this pain for awhile and took a week of antibiotics and did fine. My doctor thinks I may has ibs which runs threw my family but I feel like I’m experiencing a ruptured cyst in my ovary which is also common in my moms side. but recently I just found spotting of blood today which isn’t my time of period so this is my second period this month. but not a lot of blood but what im trying to get to is that, am I experiencing a cyst or ectopic pregnancy?

Symptoms: Pain in my right side in my ovaries. Bleeding not a lot though. pain tends to go away not to severe

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Pelvic cysts are fluid filled pockets / sacs in the ovary. they are usually sy mptom free but may present with a dull aching pain/ pain during intercourse (dysparunia)/ a fullness in abdomen/frequent urge to urinate etc. The danger signs are cold clammy skin/sudden severe abdomen pain/pain with fever or vomiting/ lightheadedness/ weakness/ rapid breathing. If you notice these danger signs visit a physician immediately.Taking antibiotics without a physician consultation is a wrong move and can do more harm than good. Please note that, mid-cycle of periods usually have a painful ovulation in some patients which is considered to be normal. The pain usually is on one side and alternates with the other side every month. this pain is due to the release of the egg from the ovary. IT IS NORMAL. I recommend a visit to the gynacologist and a pelvic examination, transvaginal & transabdominal USG, hystrosalpingo gram in order to come to a diagnosis.Cysts are usually left untreated as they may go on there own. In other cases a surgery is done. your physician would advice you for the same depending on the severity of your condition. in case it is the normal ovulation pain, rest and warm compressions would be helpful.Ectopic pregnancy can be ruled out with a pregnancy test. in case the home pregnancy test comes positive repeat it 3 times to be absolutely sure and then visit a gynaecologist for a confirmation.I hope this information was useful.