Am I experiencing early pregnancy symptoms?

Patient: About 5 days ago I had unprotected sex. Immediately afterwards I took the Plan B pill that is supposed to prevent pregnancy. Today I started experiencing light spotting but nothing else, and I’m not supposed to be getting my period till another 3 weeks. Does this mean I am pregnant ?

Symptoms: Symptoms: light spotting

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is too early to predict if you have a pregnancy as it is very early from the day you h ad the intercourse. Since you have taken Plan B and had the spotting, it is most probably due to the side effect of the pill, hence do not worry. Also, wait for another 3 weeks, in case you experience nausea, sore breasts and vomiting it could be early signs of pregnancy or premenstrual symptoms. Do a urine pregnancy test on day 28 to rule out pregnancy, these all possibilities keeping in mind if plan B fails, which is only 0.5 to 1 % chances.Hence, there is very less chance of pregnancy.Hope this helped.Regards,