Am I experiencing Pregnacy or something different?

Patient: Hello! I am now 8 weeks post partum. I also had a D&C 6 weeks ago. My husband and I have been having sex unprotected and he said he had ejaculated inside me a few times. We started having sex again when I was 1 week after the D&C. I had my period that only lasted four days then I spotted a few days later. I’ve been nebulous, my breast are sore, mild cramping and been getting mild headaches. Is it possible I could be pregnant again or could it be something else?

Symptoms: Spotting, nausea, sore breast, cramping

Doctor: The time to return to fertility after a childbirth is often unpredictable, and hence contraception in the postpartum per iod is extremely important. Unprotected intercourse occurring in this period may result in an unwanted pregnancy and this is often left undiagnosed as the period of amenorrhoea of pregnancy merges with lactational amenorrhoea. Abortion is often risky and difficult due to this delay and unplanned parenthood often results. Added to this are the risks of weak uterine scar issues when the previous childbirth is by Caesarean Section.The other symptoms that you have been experiencing are not normal. Please get a home pregnancy test and repeat if necessary. Do consult your physician as soon as possible.