Am I going to have a stroke?

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Patient: I have anxiety and insomnia. I can’t sleep at nights and every night I have panic attacks. I get scared to death. I don’t know what exactly makes me scared but every night I have a feeling that something very bad is going to happen to me in the near future. When I’m already falling asleep I get some kind of shock and wake up with a jump. I feel my heart ‘pumping’ hard in my chest and sometimes I have such a horrible feeling of losing my consciousness that it won’t let me sleep all night. I’m so scared that I have serious health problems. I think of it every night and scare myself to death. A few days ago I experienced a sudden shock (or ‘heart pump’, don’t know how to call it) and my left arm became numb immediately. I got so scared that I ran to my parents and started to cry hard. I’ve had that numbness in face and tongue before and it went away. It’s been days since my arm is numb. I can’t really say it’s that numb, I just can’t feel it the way I used to.I can raise it in every way but it just feels different. It’s so light that during the daytime I forget about it but as soon as I’m alone and thinking I feel it differently. I’m so scared that this is much more than anxiety. Am I going to have a stroke? I’m so scared.

Symptoms: numbness in arm
shortness of breath

Doctor: All these symptoms are pointing towards Psychiatric illness. There is less possibility of stroke or any other structura l disease. Consult your Psychiatrist and get evaluated. Some times simple councelling will suffice if it is early stage. Don’t think that you have some serious illness and think positively. Wish you speedy recovery.

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

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