Am I having a chemical pregnancy or is it normal?

Patient: Hi, I believe Im pregnant and I am now 7 days past my period. I’ve taken 3 tests and they’ve all came back negative but I’ve been nauseous, had headaches, and been really tired with slightly tender breasts. I also started getting light cramps but now they have been coming really hard as if im about to or am on my period. I also started spotting brown yesterday and today it is more like a light period. the blood is now kind of red and pink. Is this a chemical miscarriage or Implantation bleeding and normal in early pregnancies?

Symptoms: Cramping, bleeding

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Delay in periods can occur due to many causes.As three uri ne pregnancy tests were negative and spotting started now, there is less possibility for pregnancy.Nausea, breast tenderness etc can be seen premenstrually also.Delay in periods can lead to thickening of endometrium and that can lead to more pain while shedding during periods.Premenstrual spotting can be seen sometimes due to hormonal imbalance.Possibly this will turn into normal flow soon.If severe pain persists, better to consult your doctor once and go for ultrasound.The can help in finding out the cause for pain and in ruling out pregnancy related complications.Take care.