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Am I in significant risk of getting an STD?

Patient: Hi! Yesterday I had a sexual encounter with an escort in London. After receiving protected oral sex, we moved to penetration (with condom). While we were having sex, the condom slipped off at some point (I did not notice when), but I would say we had between 1 and 5 min of allegedly unprotected sex. When I pulled out, the condom was not on my penis, and the escort took it from inside her. Having explained the event, I have two questions: 1). Should I be worried about this event in terms of getting an STD? Am I in significant risk of any STD? or should I not worry? 2) Should I worry about the escort getting pregnant? I did not ejaculated, but I am worried that some “precum” night have reached her…would you recommend she take the pill? She told she had the last day of her last period two days agoThanks!Best,J



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,As the protection was lost during the intercourse which lasted for 5 min in unprotected manner, it opens likelihood of you contracting any STD or HIV from the escort if she has been infected. However, she may not get pregnant even with the pre-cum as she was in her safe period when ovulation was comfortably due after next 10days.So the prime concern is whether you have contracted the infection or not. You may confirm it from the escort or wait for at least a week to get the STD screen done and another week for getting a HIV RNA PCR test or NAAT test done to rule out any HIV infection.I hope i have answered your query,Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards

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Patient: thank for your prompt response
I will do the testing you suggest. This is still low risk right, given the time of the exposure. I mean i guess there is always risk, but it isnt something I shouls be extensely worried about right?
regarding the escort, she told me she will take the pill today (we had sex yesterday by 830 pm, the time currently at london is 1124 am of the mext day). Would that be counterproductive? Could that actually backfire and improve chances of pregnancy?

Doctor: Please get the tests done as the risks are there.
She can take the pill within 72 hrs of the intercourse and it shall be effective in preventing any unwanted pregnancy,


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