Am I infertile now?

Patient: So, This guy keeps hitting me and applying pressure to my abdomen when I’m lying down and sleeping even when I’m awake doing physical activities or I wake up to him to hurting me in the pelvic region. I’m worried that this pressure and damage is going to ruin my chances of conceiving a child when I meet a new boyfriend, He keeps telling me he doesn’t want me to have kids something about him being in love with some girl named Niamh. My question is, is this pressure and trauma to my abdomen and hips; can it cause me to become infertile? I would like to have more kids one day maybe 6 years from now or so. I’m not even planning on having a baby and this guy is just hurting me , says stuff like I really don’t want you to have kids. He seems worried about me have kids at all, and recently it’s gotten really bad I wake up in so much pain so now I’m really worried there’s something wrong with my reproductive organs.

Symptoms: Well my pelvis really hurts a lot, I wake up in pain all the time and my belly hangs lower than it usually does, it looks like the fat from where my hips used to be shifted to my lower abdomen and the pelvic bone in the front has been squished . And there’s pain that radiates through out my lower pelvis. The last 4 months my period has been irregular as well, my period usually comes every 28 days but the one month it came 13 days early, then the next month it was 5 days late and the next was 10 days late and then the next month it was another week late I’m still waiting on this month’s period I’m just worried it wont come at all now. This guy has been doing this for the last 9 months I’ve told him to leave many times but he keeps coming back, he always knows where I am too.

Doctor: Domestic abuse, occurs when one person in an intimate relationship or marriage tries to dominate and control the other p erson. You clearly seem to be a victim of serious emotional and physical abuse. Whether you want to have a child now or later is entirely your choice and physical trauma is no way of ensuring the same.Remember that you are not the only woman in the world who has suffered like this. Many have fought back and put an end to the abuse and misery and you can too. Apart from the long-term physical damage to your internal organs this abusive man is causing, a lot of emotional dysfunction and stress is building up inside you as well. Your periods becoming irregular is only the first sign of the havoc this abusive behavior is causing in your life.The hurting behavior must stop. In the modern era of contraceptive options there is no need for such archaic and senseless practices. You can seek help from any organisation for Abused and Battered women if you feel you want to end this violence in your life. Just be brave and trust yourself. If you still feel the relationship is for keeps, then just start using a contraceptive method although I wouldn’t believe that birth control is the only reason why the man is hurting you so much.