Am i likely pregnant?

Patient: Hello, I am on loestrin 1.5 i take it around the same time everyday recently I’ve been slack on it but I haven’t had break through bleeding or any of that. anyways i had sex today and my partner pre cums but he hadnt climaxes yet so he didn’t know if he pre came in the condom we were using and all of a sudden it popped and we immediately disengaged. maybe I am being paranoid but do you think i am pregnant? what happened is i wasn’t wet down there and when i slid down onto him while straddling him it popped. is it likely that I am pregnant

Symptoms: Nothing

Doctor: Hello,If you have been regular on the birth control pill during this cycle then the chances of pregnancy are minimal even when the condom had ruptured as these pills on regular intake prevent ovulation. In the absence of ovulation, even if there is sperm, there are no chances of pregnancy.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you safe sexual practices,regards