Am i over reacting ?

Patient: I always had speech problems but my speech is getting morr slurrer thrn usual and sometimes i cant understand what people are saying sometimes so i have to ask them to repeat themselve and not to long ago i have mixig some numbers or words around like for example i was suppose to write the word funeral but instead i wrote the word wedding and i diddnt notice till someone told me the next day i now am startig to mix numbers around like i was suppose to put the number 4 but i put 8 and it happend more the once. I dont know if this counts or anything but my vision is getting more blurrer so i had to get a higer prescription. So i just wanted to know if there anytig wrong anything or am i just over reacting.Am 13 and i do not take any medications but i do have allergy so i sneeze alot ,even for no reason sometimes