Am I overreacting over the unlikely?

Patient: I am a 19 year female and I think I am very paranoid over something that seems to be very unlikely. I suspect I have HIV. However, I am not sexually active (including oral, vaginal and anal sexual intercourse) and do not partake in doing drugs. After the (non-penetrative) incident, I did not find any pre-seminal fluid, semen, or blood and nor there was an open wound. In addition, the person tested negative in all STDs himself. Am I overreacting? Should I relax?

Symptoms: Paranoia, HIV, sexually inactive, anxious, worried

Doctor: Thanks for your question.I guess, you are overreacting. If you partner has tested negative for all STDs including HI V, you just can’t contract HIV. HIV is acquired through unprotected sex with an infected partner, sharing infected needles, infected blood being transfused and to infants through their infected mothers’ wombs and infected person’s HIV (in the body fluids like -semen, vaginal fluid, blood and milk) must be in prolonged contact with the uninfected person’s abraded skin or mucosal surfaces.As your partner is negative, where from HIV would enter in your body. So no worries over there.Keep safe