Am I possibly pregnant or ovulating?

Patient: Hello,I just recently gave birth on Jan 19. I have had my OB/GYN check-up already and doctor gave the okay for everything. I am exclusively breastfeeding, and my baby has not fully slept the night yet. (2-3 hour feedings in the day, and by bedtime she sleeps a good 4 hours before waking up for a night feed then 4 hours of sleep again till 7 or 8am) I had sex today for the second time since postpartum today. I am currently not on any birth control or using any contraceptives. Just pull-out method. After sex, I had weird light brown mucus in which I had to literally pull out of me. Having used the bathroom, I had wiped and saw light green mucus much like my mucus plug from when I was in labor. Is this an infection, or am I pregnant?I am 11 weeks postpartum, and have not gotten my period yet. I got this weird green mucus during sex. Is this an vaginal or cervix infection?

Symptoms: Light brown to light green mucus-thick, gooey, with lots of regular discharge fluid