Am i pregnant

Patient: Hi I have Few Questions ? Me and my Fiancee have been trying to Conceive we Had Sex On the day before my ovulation day and on My ovulation days Starting Feb17th i took a ovulation test . I had Sex a Day Before My Period Was expected on march 3rd i woke up from A nap And Went to the Bathroom And i looked like i had Started my Period . Iv been on this AF So far for 3 Days today and Yesterday there was Bearly anything in mY tampon and it was a brownish color . this morning went to the bathroom even less Brownish Discharge in My tampon Usually My AF,s are normal color (red) an last up to 5 to 6 Days . Lately iv been Feeling Nausea, extremely tired, and have Been experiencing Horrible Night Sweats that have been going on for about a week or so now and its unbearable and they are still occurring every night the sweats i really would like to know if i could be pregnant . Please help.