Am I pregnant?

Patient: Okay… I have been on birth control for probably about a year and a half… It was to help control my periods and help contain my outrageous cramps I got once a month. It took awhile for them to take effect to the fullest, but they helped a lot. Because I wasn’t having sex, I wasn’t really good with taking them at the same time or every day. I would skip awhile here and there and every once in awhile it would be so much to where I would start my period in the middle of the month. Well, my boyfriend and I talked about having sex. So, I made sure I took my pill every single day at 11 pm. I was doing really good with it and I always took it between 11 at night and midnight… When we had sex, we always always always use a condom just in case. Just to be extra protective. The birth control is Loestrin 24 Fe and they are Trojan condoms. Well, one night a week ago, we were having sex and he did not pull out. Well, when he did, he had already ejaculated (2nd time) and the condom was broke. Of course I freaked out. I know there is less sperm in the 2nd ejaculation, we took a lot of prevention, but because the condom broke, I am so afraid… I start taking my sugar pills on Wednesday. Will I get my period if I’m pregnant? Will my body be able to tell this early? How can I be able to tell as soon as possible? Or is the likelihood of me being pregnant very slim? Thank you for any responses.