Am I pregnant

Patient: Hi I had a pink spot in my panties 2 weeks before my period.Then 3 days before I had a very light brown spotting only twiceMy period lasted four days it was not to heavy but i think I could be pregnant we don’t use contraception which is fine :)But I felt my belly under button it’s a bit hard and I feel a pressure on it.But a negative pregnancy test what could this be

Doctor: You need to differentiate whether the bleeding is bright red or brownish or pinkish .If it is brownish or pinkish indi cates old blood and this might be implantation spotting .As you had an unprotected sex and your feeling discomfort in your abdomen , it is better for you to go and consult a doctor and get a scan done to confirm the pregnancy as the pregnancy test may show false answers in some cases .Do consult a gynaecologist with out delay.

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Guest: hi ive been on mirena for a year now and i thought i was pregnant a month ago and my first check up when they did a urine test my ocotr starting acting really wierd.. she sarted asking questions do you want to get pregnant, did you take the mirena out and i said no.. so i went to my obgyn and they said negative but im having symtopms again im always tired and really hungry all the time etc.. could i be pregnant?