Am I pregnant?

Patient: So I’m 20 years old my man is 22.I bought two (.89 cent) Wallmart pregnancy test and one clear blue test from Meijer.I took the .89 cent test came out positive, but when I took the clear blue, it came back negative. Anyway, I’m confused because of that. I might have stomach flu, but no flu, just I’m not very hungry, I’m nauseous all day ( for about a week or so) I’ve been experiencing a whole lot more of BM(bowel movements) lately. My spot next to the hip bone? Your womb? Well I have cramping on my right side, my breast are tender, and I have cramping on lower back, and it seems like I taste blood in my mouth (even grosser) and I have irregular periods so I’m not sure. I’m worried because I want to figure it out, and yes I’m hungry but when ever I think of food makes me even more nauseous.when your pregnant don’t you crave food? All I want is to get away from it!

Symptoms: In paragraph above.