Am I pregnant?

Patient: I am not sure if symptoms I have are sign of pregnancy or just a period.

Symptoms: Hello,
Started last week in Jan and first week in Feb, I had Vaginal itching but no other weird symptoms. Before my itching stopped on Feb 4, in Feb 3 I felt tired, sleepy, SOB easily, bad HA, nausea, and indigestion. I started having period on Feb 12, but it is not heavy like my normal period. I saw blood only when I used the bathroom. It is dark in the toilet with light pink that I saw after wiped. I used only 1 pad all day and it didn’t full. Today Feb 13, my period still didn’t flow much as I used to. Blood is still dark red without clot. I am still feeling HA, nausea, and couldn’t eat anything much even thought I feel hunger because my stomach feels uneasy. Now, I am confused if I am pregnant or not. I normally have 28-35 cycle and my last period was Jan 15. I had unprotected sex 2-3 times in Jan before I have these symptoms. Can this be implantation bleeding. I read a lot of article online about it but I am still not sure if mine is called light period or implantation bleeding.
PS. I had a little cold in Jan 28-30, runny nose without fever. And I normally have a bad allergy all year long. But since I have an HA, nausea, and other symptoms, my allergy is completely gone.