Am I pregnant!?

Patient: Hi. My names Rachele, I’m six teen, and I was just wondering if you could help me out by letting me know if I am pregnant, or what my chances are of becoming pregnant. I had sex unprotected exactly three weeks ago with my boyfriend. I had just finished my period two days before and am suppose to have my next on around June 30 – July 5th. (around that time) We used the pull out method, and he is certain he didn’t ejaculate inside of me, but he did ejaculate on my stomach, but nowhere near my vagina. We did this twice, but both on separate days to make sure no sperm was carried through in the pre-cum. The next day, I took the “morning after pill” (I cannot remember what brand. It was pink and I think it started with an M) in the afternoon. Then a week and a bit later, I had bleeding for four days. I did have to use a tampon for three of the four days during this. Is this my period, 11 days after I just had one? is this an affect of the pill? or is this spotting? Could this be from stress? I have been under a lot of stress dealing with major depression and the thought of being pregnant and exams and I have a major swimming career. I have had no pregnancy symptoms. No swollen or tender breasts, cramping (although I don’t get cramping during my period) no back pains, no food cravings, or constipation or frequent urination, and no milky vaginal discharge (although I do have a lot of white vaginal discharge during ovulation). What are the chances of me being pregnant? Or do you think I am pregnant? I haven’t taken a test either in risk of my parents finding out or the thought of it being positive. I may and probably am just over reacting, but I can’t stop panicking and I need help and someone to talk to. please help.

Symptoms: None