Am i pregnant

Patient: Hello, i feel so pregnant, my boobs are larger and sore, my stomach is hard between my belly button and girl area, i feel cramping and streching like sensations as well as a full sensation, yet ive had negative blood and urine tests, but my last period was april 23 2014. I feel sick allot and my feet are sore easily, when tireness over comes me i cant handle being awake, yet im very hydrated. I swear im pregant but no positive tests yet, im starting to think something is very wrong with me if im not pregnant. please give me advice.




Symptoms: hard between belly and girl area, fullness, sickness, tireness, boob enlargement and soreness.

Doctor: After having a period and testing negative with the pregnancy kits it is highly unlikely that you could still be pregnan t.Pregnancy symptoms are highly subjective and varied. Also they are common symptoms of other conditions such as a GI upset, viral infections etc. I can understand it is normal to be confused and worried about these symptoms but after all the negative blood and urine test you should have managed to convince yourself of the negative results. If you find this stress very overbearing, do not hesitate to speak to a therapist or a fertility counselor. You could also try yoga exercises, meditation or deep breathing to calm your nerves. You just need to stay calm and positive and believe in your ability to deal with this crisis.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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