Am i pregnant

Patient: Hello doctor, i am 31 years old woman and trying for baby since 1and half years. This last November I had laproscopy and dr found endemetriosis so I took 3months lupride depot injection.Now my doc gave me Ovofar in the 3rd day and duphaston in 10th day of the period which i took from 17th june to 26th june 2014.I have missed period and its late by 4days. I am feeling pain/cramping in my lower stomach like period,heavy breast,constipation.Is it my delay period or m i pregnant? how many days take to get period after stopping duphaston. plz reply soon.thnx

Symptoms: cramping like i will have my period in a minute,constipation,heavy breast,tiredness

Doctor: Thank you for your query.From signs & symptoms one cannot conclude on whether it is a pregnancy or premenstrual cy cle symptoms, the early pregnancy symptoms & premenstrual symptoms often overlap. It is advisable to opt for a blood test for ßhCG to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. Generally after stopping the duphaston the periods should commence within 3 to 5 days from the last pill.Hope that answers your query.Have a good day.