Am i pregnant

Patient: I had a positive home pregnancy test in may, last menstrual cycle was april 11, had blood work and urine test at doctor’s was negative, i still have not had a menstrual cycle it is now july 7. Breast are bigger , nipples are tender .i squeezed nipple and both breast had a yellowish milky color. Some nausea, but test still show negative. Could i still be pregnant and what should i do from here ?

Symptoms: Lactating when pull on nipples , stomach has gotten bigger and breasts, nausea, irritable, tenderness in abdomen, tenderness in nipples

Doctor: Thank you for your query.You have not mentioned when the blood test & urine tests were done to know of the pregnan cy status. Just with these symptoms pregnancy cannot be confirmed. These symptoms after overlap for other conditions too. It is better to see the doctor who will do a scan to diagnose the reason for the delay or see if there is a pregnancy which would be visible as a viable gestational sac.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.