Am I pregnant?

Patient: I quit taking birth control a couple of months ago, so my cycle has been adjusting. Last month I got my period Jan.12. I had sex Feb.1st (not sure if I was ovulating?) I also had sex Feb.6.. I should get my period any time now. I have very light bleeding. I’m assuming I’m spotting. My question is if I am pregnant, would it be from Feb.1st or the 6th? Is it possible it could be from either?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.According to the calendar the day of your first time sexual intercourse corresponds to day 21 which is quite closer to the period of fertility or ovulation that is day 14, than compared to Feb 6 which is falling under your safe period, where chances of pregnancy is lesser .The bleeding could be an implantation bleeding which manifests as pinkish bleed, in small amount for a few hours or a day, happening a week before the anticipated cycles, it could also be spotting due to recent quitting of birth control. Run a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy.Hope this helped.Regards