October 18, 2018

Am I pregnant?

Patient: Hi.. My Name is summer I’m 19 and I’m so curious about something and I don’t know what to do. okay so I lost my virginity lastyear around august unprotected we had sex about 3 more times unprotected then once in september unprotected but in october, november, and december we didnt have sex anymore and i continue to get on my cycle but different days like one month it starts on the 14th another month it start on the 16th and another month it’ll start on the 18th idk if thats regular or not but my question is i had my cycle in december on the 14th 2014 it at least last 4days i had sex january 2nd 2015 The next few days i saw spots of blood didnt think nothing of it maybe a week or so into january i was experecing dizzness, feeling sick, lightheaded, wanting to throw up when i ate something, peeing alot, fatigue, appetite induced, cramping the whole month, headaches face breaking out witch is not normal if that matters lol Took too test that month they both came back negative went to the doctors negative test but they didnt do a blood test anyways..its now feb 28 i did come on this mnth on the 16th but it was dark brown with like a light strip of blood in it the next day it was really heavy and still dark but later on that day it was lighter then usual cause i common have heavy periods but idk what it is i missed my period in january with some pregnancy signs i guess so was i? Or wasnt i and it was just in my head i just still feel like i am help me please if u cannot get bac to me on here email me at [email protected]

Doctor: Hi.Thank you for writing to us.Whenever in doubt about the possibility of a pregnancy, just take the home pregnan cy test. It is around 99 percent reliable when the test is done properly. The ideal time to test is early morning with your first urine sample and on the day that your next periods are due or a day later.You did the right thing in January by taking the test. You had pregnancy like symptoms, but the test came out to be negative. So most likely you were not pregnant then.Now that you are having a lighter period in February, there is a possibility you could be pregnant this month. Just take the test and relieve yourself of the anxieties and stress. If you are pregnant, then an early ultrasound examination will be very useful in confirming the age of the baby so don’t take unnecessary stress about which month you may have conceived.Hope this helps.

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

Dr. Jimmy Obaji completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He currently operates a walk-in-clinic in downtown Toronto.

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