Am I pregnant?

Patient: Hello doctor I am 22yrs old..having regular cycle of 28-30 days..i had my periods on 7th May and had unprotected sex on 10 th day of my period that is on 16th May wid my fiance..i took ipill withing 6 hours..but on 31st May i.e on 15day i had a brown discharge and than slight uneven bleeding without clots lasted till 5th june with abdominal cramps, feeling weak, tired,feverish since 31st ..what are the chances of pregnancy ? m i pregnant ? Why m having health issues..?..if m nt pregnant what is the expected date of my next period..thank you

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.There is no way to predict the next day of periods especially since you periods are not occurring normally. Since you have taken the Ipill, you are expected to have irregular periods with brown discharge. I recommend that you take a preg test. And do not worry, the chance of you being pregnant is low. Please use condoms and regular contraception pills from now on. All the best.Hope this helps you.