Am i pregnant? Am i having a miscarriage?

Patient: Hi, im 11 days late for my period, but the pregnancy tests i have done have shown negative. however, i have read when taking a test drinking plenty of water before hand helps which is something i havent been doing. Today, i went to the toilet and i wiped and there was a pink watery liquid. So i put a pad on and then checked within half an hour, and three was three brown spots and with brown discharge when i wiped. An hour later i had a sharp pain, so i went to the toilet and again nothing in my pad but when i wiped about a palm full of red blood appeared. I keep getting pains and everytime i wipe there is still blood, however a much less amount. Could i be pregnant? Could i be having a miscarriage? I have two kids already and i just need to know what is going on. I have been to the doctors and they were unsure so they hjave sent a pregnancy test of to be looked at which was early this morning before any of the above happened. I do feel pregnant, i feel constantly sick and tired like i have with my other two children. And i also have a constant pressure down below. I had prolapse which in the next two week i will be given the all clear and discharged from physio for but i dont know if this could play apart in what is happening/happened?

Symptoms: Pain, bleeding, tired, sick,