Am I pregnant and what can I do to stop it?

Patient: I had my period at the begging of the month. I did have unprotected sex but like always he NEVER comes inside. For some reason yesterday I was bleeding again like I had it again but not even and hour or so ago today the bleeding seems to be stopping. I did drink a lot of soda this week and was a little stressed. Is it possible that I might be pregnant? Also this jaw pain I’m currently having makes it hard to eat and it’s not dental for sure.

Symptoms: Light headache, very light cramps

Doctor: Hello,If your periods have been in the beginning of the month and you had unprotected intercourse in the fertile peri od, then the chances of pregnancy may exist even with the pre cum. So a spotting after a week and light brown discharge may indicate an implantation bleed unless the pregnancy is ruled out.It is advised that you may perform a blood serum beta hcg test at day 22-26 to look for raised levels in case pregnancy is confirmed. If it is negative then you can wait for your menses to return naturally.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards