Am I Pregnant, Even after My Test are Negative?

Patient: Hi my name is Lj im 21 years old female. Long story short, i took 3 test all negative,i already seen my doctor then another doctor and its still the same. I had a tingly feeling when i use bathroom but not anymore. my period is almost a month late, cramps no period, vomiting ,dizzy,feeling sick as i speak now, smell of certain food makes me vomit even the food i noramlly eat, headaches, back pain, side pain, sometimes chest pain, cramps in lower area, cramps so strong i wake up out my sleep. Im at a point when i think im pregnant but not too sure

Doctor: I do understand that not getting your periods is a concern for you. Pregnancy depends on a number of factors, like the d ay of the period you were in when you had sex or whether you used and contraceptive methods.You have mentioned that you took 3 pregnancy tests which were all negative, however you have not mention how long after sex you got the test done. The pregnancy test is best done the day you missed your periods or 2-3 weeks after the act.Your missed periods could also be due to the excessive stress you are going through. I would suggest taking NSAIDS (Ibuprofen) for the abdominal cramps. And if the periods do not return to normal or pain increases, you need to see you OB/GYN to examine you further.

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Guest: I would wait still. Thats what im doing. My mom had the exact same problem when she was pregnant with me. All tests were negative including blood test. Some women have that problem i dont know why. But i would keep track of your symptoms, period. If its still the same i would go back to the doctor.