Am i pregnant even if i took the pill?

Patient: Hi,i had just finished taking valacyclovir for possible herpes and i had stopped taking birthcontrol but i had took the substitute new brand birth control yesterday right after intercourse while on my 2nd day of period in which he came inside abit. would you suggest i take a plan b pill and carry on with this months birthcontrol pill? is the 1st pill birth control pill effective? what are the chances of pregnancy?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryThere is no need for plan B here as you have had an intercourse on day 2 of the cycle, whi ch has no possibility of ovulation and hence no chance of pregnancyContinue the pills as per schedule, do not stop the pillsThe routine birth control pills will be effective enough if you have not missed themThere are no chances of a pregnancy with such an intercourse on day 2 of the cycleHope this helpedRegards