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Am i pregnant, had unprotected sex

Patient: I need help to figure if I’m pregnant or not. I’m 16 years old and had unprotected sex but he didn’t ejaculate in me and I’m very worried because I’ve been feeling and looking really bloated for the last few days and my period was supposed to start today but I haven’t gotten it yet.



Symptoms: Bloating, cramping. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of my period or not.



Doctor: You informed that you had unprotected sex recently. Though your partner did not ejaculate, pregnancy can rarely occur fr om pre-ejaculate. But the chances of pregnancy is rare owing to your age and non ejaculation. To be sure get pregnancy test, which can confirm or rule out pregnancy and consult a gynecologist if needed. It is always advised to have safe protected sex not only to avoid ptregnancy but also few dangerous STDs.

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Patient: This was also only a week ago.

Patient: Thank you so much.


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