November 17, 2018

Am I pregnant? I have noticed symptoms

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Patient: I think I might be pregnant I have noticed symptoms to lead me believe I might be I had unprotected sex in January, January 16th I think, I started noticing symptoms around the 2nd/3rd week of February. I have a contraceptive implant in my arm but it wasn’t working properly for me I was getting periods every 2 weeks for about 4 months I finally went to a doctor and she prescribed taking the contraceptive pill as well to try help me with the irregular period but after taking it for only a few days because I thought it had worked I stopped and even the few days I was taking it every other day I would forget to take it my periods are regular now like they were before the bar started causing problems but I am late for this month. All I am getting was a bit of spotting for 2 days at the start of this month nothing since. I took one test last week said negative but I bought from a place called the two euro shop so maybe it ain’t really dependable. I had no morning sickness though but other symptoms

Symptoms: Heightened sense of smell, Nauseous , sore breasts, spotting, dizziness, fatigue, and stomach feels hard

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.You have been on an irregular dose of contraception that can attribute to a lot of ir regularities and change in the pattern of your cycles.The spotting that you have been having could be the side effect of irregular pill consumption. Since pregnancy test has been negative, the symptoms that you have are most likely to be hormonal changes and could even be premenstrual syndrome associated.Kindly consult a gynecologist and get a beta hCG blood test done which is very accurate in detecting a pregnancy. Act accordingly and get yourself treated.Hope this helped.Regards

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

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