Am i pregnant? I was on my period and it stopped/slowed.

Patient: My boyfriend and i got back together over the weekend. We had intercourse on Sunday the same day i started my period. He ejaculated on my stomach but hours of foreplay managed to get it in my vagina. Ive almost stopped bleeding completely, my periods are always irregular. ive been tired, and very moody. No sore breasts or vomiting though. Am i pregnant?

Symptoms: Fatigue, Hormonal, slight cramping

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for the question.If you started your periods on Sunday ,the day you had intercourse with your boyfriend .when he ejaculated outside yet during foreplay some sperm as per you went inaide the vagina but you have been in the safe period as your menses had started. So chances of pregnancy are minimal.The symptoms don’t relate to pregnancy but to the stress you are going through.However if you happen to miss your next period,then get a urine pregnancy test done to rule out the same.I hope I have answered your query in detailWishing you great gealthRegards