Am i pregnant? Need your advise on this.

Patient: Am i pregnant? I had pcod issue. from past one year i havent take any medition for pcod, it was quit normal, its going to be year that i got married. in between i had a delay cycle like 40 days , 50 days…. then from past 4 month my cycle was perfect (28 days). Now itz been 31 days and i had a little spotting for 2 days on my 28th day. Now nothing like that. but i have the below symptoms for about 1 week to 10 days.Spotting, Tiredness, Guidyness, Vomitsense, Obdoman pain sometime, Crampingi am not sure whether i am pregnant or not. i have check the home test on my 28th day, it was negative. Kindly let me know , is there any possibility that i can conceive now?When should i test for the conformation. Kindly advise me on this.Awaiting for your reply.Thanks,Uma Prabu.S

Symptoms: Spotting, Tiredness, Guidyness, Vomitsense, Obdoman pain sometime, Cramping

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms are no doubt corresponding to an early pregnancy, but they are not specif ic to pregnancy. Since the first report on day 28 read negative for pregnancy, it most likely means there is no pregnancy and the spotting could be a part of premenstrual syndrome. Wait for your cycles, if you do not get them in a week’s time, then do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. Consult a gynecologist for further management based on your results.All the best for an early conception.Hope this helped.Regards