Am I pregnant or am i just paranoid?

Patient: My boyfriend and I have ALWAYS had protected sex and it has not failed once. We take so many precautions. Now, I had sex about 2 weeks ago. The condom did NOT break or slip and he did not ejaculate inside it either. When he finally did ejaculate, he ejaculated on my thigh about 5″ away from my vagina. I quickly wipped it all of. I got a tiny bit on my fingers so I wipped it off. A few minutes later I touched the outside of my vagina. Then about 30-40 minutes later he fingered me. My period is due in 3 days and I took a first response test as soon as I woke up(it says it detects it 6 days before your missed period). It came out a clear and imediate negative. I have symptoms of my period also. Please don’t criticize me I know all about reproduction but you can never be too safe and birth control is not an option for me because of problems. Any chance of pregnancy or am I just being paranoid? Thank you for the help.