Am I pregnant or am I over worrying?

Patient: Im 16 and my period started last week on Thursday and normally they last for ages, so 5 or 6 days but I stopped bleeding Saturday night and yesterday morning I wasnt bleeding. My boyfriend came over and we decided to have sex, it was our first time. We used a condom and I told him to pull out before he ‘came’ just in case and he did. After that like half an hour later I started getting paranoid. He checked the condom and it had no rips or holes (I also did a water test on it where I filled it with water and nothing came out so it was fine) but Im still super paranoid I could for some reason be pregnant. I had a bit of blood come out but that’s probably because I had sex for the first time. Im super confused though because for the past 3/4 years my periods have never been so quick to end and Im like “why arent I bleeding?” Im just super worried.I cant tell my mum because she’ll flip out so I cant get a test or anything to find out.Basically can I be pregnant at all? My boyfriend afterwards took the condom off by the tip and pinched and tied it up so he used his hands and he didnt wash them and when he checked the condom he touched it and then a while after that he touched my clitoris.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the querySince you have had a protected intercourse and there was no leak or condom breakage, which was cross-checked, there is nothing to worry that you could get pregnant. Also, there was no ejaculation since you asked him to pull out as well.By touching your clitoris with a contact with the semen, whill not get you pregnant, as pregnancy only happens with the direct contact of the penis with the vagina along with an ejaculation.There is nothing that you need to be paranoid about.Hope this helpedRegards