Am I pregnant or do I have hormonal imbalance?

Patient: Could i be pregnant ?i missed my menstruation in october and then i got a bit of bleeding on the 16th of november but it is barely there now im having a bit of cramps here and there but I’m always experiencing nausea, headaches, and bloating for the past few days.

Symptoms: Nausea,bloating, cramps, a one day very slight bleeding, last a month did not got menstruation

Doctor: Hello.thanks for the question to askthedoctor.comIf you missed your periods in october and then had bleeding on 16 th nov indicates that yoi have been having irregular menses if pregnancybis ruled is suggested that you may rule out pregnancy firsg by doing a urine pregnancy test.if negative thn you can be evaluated further by your physician for various causes of oligomenorrhoea in your case.This may however be done by evaluating the hormonal status and analysing tour menstrual pattern.I hope i have answered your query.regards