Am i pregnant or is birth control wrong

Patient: So i started taking microgestin 1.5/30 on friday oct 31 and i had unprotected se* on the 4 of nov and he came in me twice then 3 days after that i started having a brown like reddish discharge …could i be preganant and when to take a pregnancy test btw i have really bad irregular periods my period last for 3 months sometimes and then im anemic

Doctor: Birth control pills protect from unwanted pregnancy only when taken in recommended cycles under expert medical supervisi on. For ladies with irregular periods the date of egg release is variable making prediction of fertility almost impossible. Getting a home pregnancy test done after a missed period usually confirms or negates pregnancy, albeit after a couple of repeat tests at serial intervals, in some. red-brown vaginal discharge is not not normal. Please visit a physician for a detailed interview regarding your menstrual pattern, pill use and other symptoms if any; you may need to undergo physicals or investigations, if required.