Am i pregnant or is my period on the way?

Patient: My period is 3 days late and today i noticed a light brown spotting on the pad. I did a urinary pregnancy test which came out negative? I have no other symptoms. Am i pregnant?

Symptoms: Late period, spotting 3 days after period was due

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,As the pregnancy test is negative and you have started off with some spotting, and also c lose to your cycles, having no symptoms of pregnancy as well, it is unlikely that this could be pregnancy.This could be due to hormonal changes and a period that is approaching soon. Sometimes the flow of the cycles will be very less and the period may look like spotting which may last for 3 to 4 days and stop.Wait for a week, you will mostly get your cycles. If not, repeat the pregnancy test after a week. If negative, consult a gynecologist for an examination. Polycystic ovaries, thyroid dysfunction,anemia, stress and hormonal changes could be a few reasons. The doctor will treat you accordingly to regularise your cycles.Hope this helpedRegards.