Am I pregnant please help

Patient: Hello.. I am a little bit worried. It is about a week before my period and I had a chunky white discharge today. No itching or smell at all This is the first I’ve noticed but it’s worrying me. 2 weeks ago I had protected sex but he took the conform off before he ejaculated on my inner thigh. I’m worried maybe some got in and I am pregnant! Is this normal?

Symptoms: No symptoms

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the question.The possibility of you getting pregnant with your partner having ejaculated over th e thighs after removing the condom and the concern that some sperm may have got inside vagina is genuine. Well in that case ideally you should have taken an emergency contraceptive pill within 72 hours.Though the chances of getting pregnant are minimal , but it is better to get a pregnancy test done in case you miss your periods to rule out pregnancy. However to have a cheesy discharge is indicative of a fungal infection which is probably associated with itching as well.It would be advisable in that case to visit your physician for a per speculum exam and a vaginal smear for culture.I hope i have answered your query,regards