Am i pregnant please help?

Patient: I have been having stomach cramps and been feeling sick since unprotected sex on 29th and 30th January. I have just finished my period which started on the 10th February till 12th February but still feeling sick and having stomach cramps. what could this be?

Symptoms: Feeling sick, stomach cramps, tired more than usual and needing the toilet a lot more

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you have resumed your menses from 10th to 12th of February , then pregnancy is rule d out completely and the symptoms you are still experiencing form a part of premenstrual syndrome complex which may start a week prior to the onset of menses and can even last for a week after the stoppage of bleeding. These shall subside on their own once progesterone levels start rising naturally during the cycle. In the meantime, you may use hot fomentation for the lower abdominal cramps and back pain and try to keep yourself well hydrated to avoid any form of lethargy and weakness.I hope I have answered your concerns.Wishing you good health.Regards